Ana Boa-Ventura

Contributing Writer (Austin, TX)
Francesca De Nicolò Contributing Writer (Rome, IT)
Francesca De Nicolò è nata a Roma (1970), dove vive e lavora. Si è laureata in Arte contemporanea all'Università di Roma la Sapienza nel 1996 con una tesi dal titolo Victor Brauner l'incontro con la materia, si sta specializzando in arte contemporanea all'Università di Siena. E' interessata alla contaminazione e possibili espansioni nell'arte. Collabora con Random e Arte e Critica e merzbau, si occupa anche di didattica e sistemi di comunicazione.
Neil Jenkins Contributing Writer (Bristol, UK)
Yong S. Kim Copy Editor (Los Angeles, CA)
Garland Kirkpatrick Design Consultant (Santa Monica, CA)
Lewis LaCook Contributing Writer (Richmond, VA)



interactive works

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Peter Luining Contributing Writer (Amsterdam, NL)

Peter Luining studied contemporary philosophy in the mid 80's. After his study he became active in the Amsterdam vj-scene. He started fiddling with computers, and made 3D animations in commercial jobs. He also directed video- clips. Unsatisfied with commercial jobs and his role of only doing images and video with music made by others he started to combine video with his own music. In 1995 the character of his work changes dramatically when he discovers the net and the relative easy way interactivity could be achieved by using webpages. After doing some obscure net performances, Luining first got international recognition with his work "clickclub", which he presented at the Transmediale festival in Berlin. This netpiece distinguised itself from nearly everthing at that time because of the way the user could and could not interact with its sounds and images. Since 1997 Luining's work is turning towards a kind of minimalism, while maintaining his earlier research of the dynamics of the net. A sidestep from his artwork, but still a further exploration of art on the net, was his work as the curator of the net.art exhibition "Net Affects" in spring 2000. Since then Peter Luining's work is changing from aesthetical to more formalistic and conceptual.

links to works:
znc browser: http://znc.ctrlaltdel.org
window: http://www.ctrlaltdel.org/window/window.zip
7.7°: http://www.ctrlaltdel.org/flash/77.html
flash grid based sequencers: http://www.lfoundation.org/grids
rationalizer: http://www.lfoundation.org/rationalizer/

Garrett Lynch Information Architecture Developer/Contributing Writer (Kent, UK)

Garrett Lynch is a net.artist / new media artist, lecturer in Digital Media at Canterbury Christ Church University (http://www.cant.ac.uk/), curator, critic and theorist of net.art currently living and working in Kent, England. His works are hosted and documented at http://www.asquare.org/, the artists personal website.

His current work and research deals with online / virtual environments and the net.work in all its forms and uses. Creative use of online spaces to create, organise (curate), document and house new media art especially with regard to net.art. Not alone is the vast majority of his artistic work created within the framework of the net.work, its encoding and protocols, placing it firmly within the domain of net.art but his research also supports this.

By searching new forms of presentation and modes of collaboration between artists online, the ultimate goal is to enhance the presence of his own work and that of others to a position that is respected and valued as much as 'traditional' gallery art yet retaining much of the openess (free, copyleft, shareware, freeware etc.) net.art has encouraged since its beginings.

The first major exploration's of these issues is Bannerart, a step towards allowing net.artists / new media artists to dictate and control the conditions under which their art is viewed and distributed. Further work is currently in development which will allow the development of works online by net.artists. These are to be tools to do everything from the early planning of projects right through to the final documentation and archiving.

Educated to degree standard in Visual Communication - specialised in Multimedia in England and masters level in France (Post-Diplôme en Recherches Interactive at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif, Paris), Garrett has previously lectured on new media courses at both Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and the University of Hertsfordshire, England.

Recent exhibitions and accomplishments include:
1) Exhibited and participated in the newformsfestival in Vancouver, Canada, 2003.
2) 'Bannerart.org' participating in the Total Überzogen exhibition at Edith-Russ Site for Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany, 2003.
3) '_pause' being nominated in the 16th Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media in Stuttgart, Germany.
4) '_pause' participating in the Reload exhibition at the Istanbul Museum of Contempory Art.
5) Inclusion under net.art in the idealine project commissioned by Whitney Artport.
6) Julies Journey being nominated in Videoformes 2001 the Festival international d'arts vidéo et multimedia at Clermont-Ferrand, France.
7) 'Julies Journey' at Beyond the Screen part of ISEA 2000.


Lora McPhail Editor in Chief (Los Angeles, CA)

Lora McPhail is a freelance designer and writer based in Los Angeles, California.

She sponsors and directs postartum, an alternative art venue in Long Beach, California. postartum has hosted more than 60 artists, curators, and musicians in its five years of presentation and is entirely sub-profit. postartum has engendered a much-needed community out of the artists it has brought together, and continues to reap the fruits of this cross-pollination with upcoming multiple medium projects, including a self-curating online project and hybrid music + visual improvisational performance.


Otis College of Art and Design - Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, 1998
Focuses in New Genres: Video and Installation
University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1994
Majoring in both English Literature and Psychology

Eduardo Navas Founder/Contributing Editor/ Webmaster (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA)


Net Art World 1.0
If Baldessari Were a DJ

The Allegorical Impulse Part I
9_11_2001 netMemorial

VISIT: http://www.navasse.net/docs/index.html for additional information

Kristen Palana Contributing Writer (Brooklyn, NY)

Kristen Palana is a multimedia artist, painter, web designer, and animator. Most recently her multimedia political ad, "Yellow Ribbons" was selected to go on the MoveOn.org's 'Bush in 30 Seconds' fundraising DVD. Also in the past year her experimental multimedia animation, Five O'Clock Shadows was featured in the 36th New York Expo in New York City and at other international animation festivals in California, Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. In March 2003 Kristen also participated in an online exhibit, Art on the Net, sponsored by the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Tokyo.

Kristen received her MFA (Distinction) from Pratt Institute's Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Department. She also holds a BFA (Distinction) in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.

Current projects in progress include working on the official website for the B-52's, Aura's House.com -a website that raises money to buy a house for a family in Guatemala, and Lucky, an experimental documentary about one Indian American girl's arranged marriage. She recently completed Peeper, a stop-motion animated short. This past summer Professor Palana and Professor Steve Rittler presented a successful animation course at SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego entitled, "There Can Be Only One. Independent Animation Production for the Lonely."

Evelyne Rogue Contributing Writer, artcogitans.com (Paris, FR)
Research fellow associated at the Pantheon-Sorbonne
University (CPPAC), Department of the aesthetic)
Director of artcogitans : http://www.artcogitans.com
Isabel Saij Contributing Writer (Cologne, GE/Paris, FR)

Websites :
Extended in 2003 :

Created in 2003 :

Completely renewed in 2003 :

I made my first site in august 2002 :

lives and works in France, Cologne (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), 1984 : dissertation (PhD) in "visual art and science of art" pantheon sorbonne paris 1 until 1999 : solo and group exhibitions since 2000 : computer generated art : 2D & 3D pictures, 2D & 3D animations, netart, virtual reality...

VISIT: http://www.saij-netart.net/bio.html for additional information

Ludmil Trenkov Contributing Writer (Pasadena, CA)
A graduate student at ArtCenter College of Design in
Pasadena, Ludmil is currently enrolled in the Media
Design program, where he explores the relationship
between media, technology, social structures and theory to define current practice and future possibilities. Previously he was involved with various Internet companies developing online communities with grounding in the physical world. Ludmil taught design
in Otis College of Art and Design, from which he also
holds a Communication Design degree. Current website
is http://www.ludmil.com