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Exactly a year ago, on this date, I wrote the first reviews [at right] for Net Art Review. These were quite simple, short and straight to the point. The aim of the online resource, at that time, was to provide access to material that would be interesting and in some ways important to the online community, while also serving as a bridge to people who were not too familiar with online projects.

The challenge that immediately faced NAR (acronym for Net Art Review) was to create a community of writers who would consistently contribute quality material. In the beginning, I asked people I was acquainted with to write for the resource, just to see where the project went. These early contributors are Kristen Palana and Ludmil Trenkov. Garland Kirkpatrick—a well respected Graphic Designer in the Los Angeles area—became NAR’s design consultant. I also realized the website would need some quality control, so I asked a long time friend, Yong S. Kim, a former technical writer and editor who had just moved back from the Boston area, to edit more extensive texts now known as the Weekly Features. Shortly thereafter, Garrett Lynch joined, and a few days later Peter Luining came on board as well, along with Neil Jenkins. And this was the netKru for a few months. And then Lewis LaCook, Francesca De Nicolo, Isabel Saij, and most recently Ana Boa-Ventura joined the netKru. Kanarinka, an artist working from the Boston area, also joined briefly, but eventually left the crew due to time commitments. At the end of 2003 NAR began to collaborate with Evelyne Rogue, working in France, founder and editor of Artcogitans, and an exchange of articles on a monthly bases were started on December with Furtherfield.org. Lora McPhail, director of postartum, joined Net Art Review as editor in chief at this time as well.

Now, NAR is having its first anniversary, and I am extremely excited that it is growing at a healthy pace. The netKru is collaborating in its development. We are looking forward to offering our readers material that can be valuable on many levels. Where NAR will go at this point depends on the dynamics of our readers and contributors. We are very sensitive to the developments around the web and internet and we try to do our best to accommodate as many diverse interests as possible. The more diverse the netKru becomes, the richer the content NAR can offer. If any readers are interested in joining as contributing writers, please feel free to contact Lora for more details.

We hope to offer many new features in our second year. And to do this, Garrett Lynch is now our information architecture developer, who is currently strategizing the best way to make a transition to a more dynamic and efficient interface. So, these are very exciting times for Net Art Review.

We, the netKru and you our readers, all have contributed to a resource that is worth coming back to day in and day out. Knowing that I will get up every morning with the possibility to learn something from someone I collaborate with is one of the greatest emotions I have experienced during my activities on the web. And knowing that people are reading the material we write is also quite a reward for the amount of time I invested in developing the portal. I would like to thank the members of the netKru -- who are incredible for delivering consistent content -- for sticking it out this long. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Lora McPhail, who is doing an exceptional job as editor in chief. We are already experiencing a higher level of enthusiasm and only a good editor in chief can accomplish this. Most importantly, I want to say thanks to you, our readers. We could not do it without your support. And so, here is to another year!


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BY: Eduardo Navas

::::: Text, pop-up javascripts windows, and flash animations come together in Ambience. A work entertaining human anxiety in abstract ways. Artist: Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

::::: Avatar Project presents a character by the name of Lexus. The premise behind the art work is quite complex, and worth reading when visiting the website. The actual project functions more like a short story that loops no matter where the surfer may click. Artists: Stefano Marotta Roberto Russo

::::: Potluck is more like a doodle exploring the potential of sound composition on the net. Using Macromedia Director, this website presents a graphic interface as a playful device to manipulate and access sound bits thereby creating simple compositions. Though the music files and options for sound manipulation are somewhat limited, it is still a site worth exploring. Artist Group: Future Farmers



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BY: Eduardo Navas

 (part of the wartime exhibition) Artist: Neil Jenkins
Military budgets are often talked about, but never really concretely declared. $817,800,000,000 is a net piece which presents military budgets in global terms.







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